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Residential Schemes

Our company has vast experience in the area of Multi Unit Residential Developments. 

  • Conceptual Design & Planning

  • Irish Water Liaison including pre-connection enquiry & connection agreement applications

  • Assigned Certifier (BCAR 2014)

  • Civil Design

  • Structural Design

  • Supervision & Sign Off

Planning Applications

Housing Schemes, Single Houses, Industrial units, Commercial & Retail, if you need Planning Permission, we can do it for you.

Structural Design

Steel, Masonry, Timber or Reinforced Concrete, our Structural Engineers can cater for any structural design that your project may need. 

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Prior to purchasing a new property, you are always advised to seek the advice of a technical professional. Our Pre-Purchase Inspections will ensure you are fully informed before you embark on your purchase. 

Our Reports will give you a detailed analysis of the structural condition of the property, boundary checks and planning compliance check. 

Fire Safety & Disability Access Certs

Site Suitability Assessments for single/multiple dwelling units. 

Discharge License Applications.


Construction Supervision

We can cater for all project supervision needs. We are full qualified to fulfill the role of Assigned Certifier under the new BCAR 2014 regulations, and can also act as supervising professional where Home Owners decide to Opt-Out of Statutory Certification. 


We can secure Fire Safety & Disability Access Certs for your development. We have a vast understanding of all Building Regulations, and we will liaise with the relevant Building Control Authority to assure your compliance. 

The company has significant experience with the design of mechanical equipment. This includes design of aerial work platforms, mobile cranes, horse walkers, etc. We have a Mechanical Engineer on staff and have 3D solid modelling capability with finite element analysis. This service would benefit any Mechanical Engineering Company that wishes to reduce cost and improve efficiency of existing machinery.

The company has experience in industrial projects, i.e. factories/warehousing and commercial units. 

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